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CNYRIC Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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Name Location Phone Email
Koegel, Michelle CNYRIC 315-433-8309 MKoegel
Krasoski, Jeffrey Moravia Central School District 315-433-8345 JKrasoski
Kuck, Susan CNYRIC 315-433-8323 SKuck
Kulle, Christopher CNYRIC 315-433-2652 CKulle
LaPorte, Stephanie Chittenango CSD SLaporte
Lammi, Dianne Moravia Central School District 453-4671 dlammi
Lardear, Louis CNYRIC 315-431-8551 LLardear
Larson, Paul Union Springs Central School District 315-209-8922 PLarson
Lefort, Nicholas CNYRIC 8 315-362-2685 NLefort
Letizia, Jacqueline CNYRIC 315-433-8348 jletizia
Lima, David Union Springs Central School District 315-431-8376 DLima
Loftus, Ed CNYRIC 315-431-8540 eloftus
Luisi, Jessica CNYRIC 7 315-726-1137 jluisi
Luke, Lawrence CNYRIC 315-433-8300 LLuke
Mackey, Kimberly CNYRIC 315-431-8409 KMackey
Mahady, Tammy CNYRIC 315-433-2293 tmahady
Mahon, Christopher CNYRIC 315-433-8335 CMahon
Malone, Kelly CNYRIC 315-433-2288 KMalone
Manning, Matthew CNYRIC 315-433-2294 MJManning
Martone, Nancy CNYRIC 315-433-2643 NMartone
Mazzaferro, Pamela CNYRIC 315-431-8426 PMazzaferro
McCarthy, David CNYRIC 315-433-8345 dmccarthy
McConnell, Michele CNYRIC 315-433-8362 MMcConnell
McNair, Lorraine Moravia Central School District 315-431-8463 lmcnair
Militello, Alexander CNYRIC 315-433-8322 AMilitello
Mirizio, Michael Crown Road Campus 315-431-8463 mmirizio
Moore, Cris-Chin CNYRIC 7 315-433-2292 CMoore
Napoli, Joseph CNYRIC 315-433-2267 JNapoli
Nastri, Theresa CNYRIC 315-431-8576 TNastri
Nett, Monica CNYRIC 315-433-8329 MNett
Nickerson, Scott CNYRIC 315-433-2229 SNickerson
O'Connor, James CNYRIC 315-433-2281 JOConnor
O'Neill, Lisa CNYRIC 315-433-8314 LO'Neill
Oliver, Michael CNYRIC 315-433-2280 moliver
Osborn, David CNYRIC 315-433-8328 dosborn
Owens, Philip CNYRIC 315-433-8321 POwens
Patterson, Timothy CNYRIC 8 315-362-2687 TPatterson
Pedley, Christopher APW CSD 315-433-8322 CPedley
Pepe Jr., Dale CNYRIC 315-433-2608 DPepe
Petersen, Alex CNYRIC 315-433-8322 APetersen
Pierce, Christine CNYRIC 315-431-8421 CPierce
Pinkasiewicz, George Hannibal CSD 657-5381 GPinkasiewicz
Pliss, Michael South Seneca CSD 607-869-9636 MPliss
Poli, Gino CNYRIC 315-433-8322 GPoli
Pollard, Rick CNYRIC 315-433-2652 EPollard
Powell, Dean CNYRIC 7 315-433-2280 DPowell
Ratliff, Wendy CNYRIC 315-431-8550 WRatliff
Reale, Robert CNYRIC 315-433-2261 RReale
Regan, Katie Main Campus 315-362-2688 KRegan
Reynolds, Peter CNYRIC 315-433-8322 PReynolds
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Proudly serving 50 school districts in the Cayuga-Onondaga, Onondaga-Cortland-Madison, Oswego, and Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga BOCES regions
Baldwinsville Students Participate in Videoconference with 9/11 Responder Baldwinsville Students Participate in Videoconference with 9/11 Responder:
On Sept. 11, students from the Baldwinsville Central School District participated in a videoconference with author and former New York Police Department Chief Surgeon, Dr. Greg Fried. ... more >>

North Syracuse CSD Seeking Names for Military Honor Roll North Syracuse CSD Seeking Names for Military Honor Roll:
  On Friday, November 9, 2018, in honor of Veteran’s Day, the North Syracuse Central School District (NSCSD) will honor another group of inductees to its ... more >>

Meet our Featured Teacher: Tom Sweeney Meet our Featured Teacher: Tom Sweeney:
"Reception for the Woodland STEAM Club has been overwhelmingly positive, with almost 90 students (and counting) participating in club activities since its inception. The ... more >>

From Around the Region: McGraw Second-graders Become Published Authors From Around the Region: McGraw Second-graders Become Published Authors:
     McGraw second graders in Mrs. Rolewicz’s classroom know what it takes to become published authors!  Together - with the help ... more >>

Cortland Third-graders Raising Money to Bring Clean Water to Africa Cortland Third-graders Raising Money to Bring Clean Water to Africa:
The third grade classes, at Barry School, are collecting money for the organization Drop in the Bucket. Drop in the Bucket is an organization that focuses on raising ... more >>

Meet our Featured Teacher: Lauren Hallman Meet our Featured Teacher: Lauren Hallman:
"There has been a big difference in the culture of Lauren's classroom over the past nine months, as she’s transitioned into becoming more of a facilitator rather ... more >>

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