Students participating in the CNYRIC ASL Program are able to register and receive college credit for ASL I and ASL II. Students in the GST Region are able to receive credit through Corning Community College. All students are able to receive college credit through SUNY Oswego at a discounted rate. Students who participate in the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program are elegible to pay an even more reduced program fee. Please contact Amy Spath (315-433-8332) for more information about receiving college credit for ASL classes through the CNYRIC ASL Program.

Students participating in the CNYRIC ASL Program are invited to the ASL Rally in the spring at the Central New York Regional Information Center. This is a fantastic opportunity for the ASL students to meet with the OCM BOCES Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to apply what they have learned throughout the year within their ASL courses. The ASL Rally is a day filled with voice-off activities, guest presentations, breakout activities led by ASL Honor Society Members, student presentations, and making friends between cultures.


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World Wide News for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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