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3-8 Testing Program Q & A

Written Response Scoring for 3-8

Resolution for Citric ICA Launch Message engageny Updates NYSITELL NYSESLAT - Guide and Test Samplers   NOTE:  Changes to the scoring rules for the 2013 Speaking and Writing Subtests are explained on page 4 of the Guide.

Reporting Misconduct to SED:  Test Security Unit

2013-14 NYSAA Age Ranges
Critical Path 2013-14
Utilizing TELEFORM & PACE FASTSCORE For Local Assessments
3-8 Schedules Regents Schedules Regents to Common Core Exams Transition Schedules
Educator Guides for the 2014 ELA Assessments

Educator Guides for the 2014 Math Assessments 2013-14 Ordering Process for 3-8 Exams 2014 Information

Test Integrity
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Score of Zero: Students receive an official score of zero if they do ALL of the following:
  1. Arrive at the test room before the admission deadline
  2. Remain in the testing room until after the USAD
  3. Have before them the exam booklet and an answer sheet for at least part of the time between 1 and 2 above
  4. Put their name on the answer sheet or had before them an answer sheet on which their name is pre-printed
  5. Sign the declaration
  6. Do not answer any questions at all
  7. Do not in any way indicate in writing on the answer sheet or answer document that the are withdrawing from the exam or refusing to take it

How to Order Regents Answer Sheets

Why don't our Regents scores match the computer scores??

Test Security Unit
Regents Information Regents Exam Link Check
(SIS Districts)

Regents Grade and Final Average

Regents scores are not percents, but rather scaled scores just like theNYS 3-8 exams or SATs.   Regents scores do not represent a percent of points even though the 100 point scale makes them appear to be a percentage.  If teachers are using the Regents grade as a percent of the final grade then they are using a scale score as if it were a percentage that can be averaged into the final grade.

At this time, NYSED does not have a policy that bans districts from using Regents grades to calculate final averages.  However, why is Regents used in final average calculations, a new data element???

For additional information on How Regents Exams are Scored go to: 



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