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Help Desk Support
Contact Information
Hours: Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 315-433-8345 or 1-800-866-9563
Please note: If 315-433-8345 is out of service, please call 315-437-0743 or the Receptionist at 315-437-0927
Fax: 315-433-8368
Email: helpdesk@cnyric.org

The CNYRIC Help Desk is the main point of contact for school district personnel and BOCES staff for reporting technology problems. Problems may include, but are not limited to, connectivity, networking, internet, hardware, software, applications and telephones.

Network Maintenance Schedules and Outages
The current network status and planned maintenace windows can be found at status.cnyric.org

The Team

John Bell, LAN Technician

Dan Kamakaris, LAN Technician



Dave McCarthy, LAN Technician

Richard Zimmerman, LAN Technician



Digital Printing Helpdesk

Kevin Clapp, Director of Technology

For problems or questions with copiers, or to order supplies, please contact:         

Digital Printing Help Desk: 315-431-8460 or xserv@cnyric.org

Helpful Links
SPAM Control: SpamControl@CNYRIC.org
OCM/CNYRIC Network Password reset: https://passwordmanager.ocmboces.org/pmuser
What's Up Network Monitor: http://sitemgr.cnyric.org/

Common Questions

Q: Suspicious Email: I have a message I am not sure is real, SPAM, or Phishing.
A: If you are not sure, please contact the help desk. They will be able to assist evaluating the content. You may also forward the email to the address SpamControl@CNYRIC.org for further evaluation.

Q: Application Passwords: My password has expired and I do not know the procedure to change it?
A: For SIS on the CNYRIC Screen, put in your ID on the ID line. Put in your 'old' password (the one you were using) on the password line. Tab down to new password, and put in a new password that you would like to use. The new password must be between 5 and 8 characters, and must include at least 1 numerical character. Next, you must enter the same new password on the verify line. After this has been completed, push enter. If you have properly entered a new password, you will get a message that your new password has been accepted. This is the password you will now use when you logon. Your new password will again expire in 90 days.

Q: Network Passwords: I cannot remember my password, will the helpdesk please reset it?
A: Help desk personnel cannot reset passwords for customers. The proper procedure is to contact the district contact person (usually the Technology Coordinator or Business Manager). The help desk personnel can advise you who to contact in your district. Upon proper authorization from the district contact person, a temporary password will be assigned forcing the customer to change their password.

Q: OCM/CNYRIC Accounts: I cannot recall my network password.
A: If you are an OCM Employee, you may reset your own password with our online tool.

Q: SIS User Id: I often get the message in SIS that my user id is already in use. What can I do to prevent this from occurring?
A: This message appears after a certain time period of inactivity on SIS for Security reasons. If you know that you will be away from your machine, you should log off from SIS. If this Message does appear, please call the Help desk to be reset.

Q: SIS Record lock: When I get the message "Record Locked" what should I do?
A: Hit the enter key until you return to the sign on screen and call the help desk before signing on again.

Q: When should I call the OCM BOCES Customer Support Help Desk?
A: Please call the Customer Support Help Desk to report issues such as online problems, hardware or software problems, printing problems, application problems and internet problems. If the problem cannot be solved by the help desk personnel, your call will be transferred to the appropriate contact.

Proudly serving 50 school districts in the Cayuga-Onondaga, Onondaga-Cortland-Madison, Oswego, and Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga BOCES regions
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CNYRIC Help Desk
Phone: 315.433.8345
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