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School District Spotlight: Lyncourt Union Free School District

Jeremy Dodds
Supervisor of Data Analysis Services
Lori DeForest
Supervisor of Data Analysis Services
Our Data Warehouse team is pleased to present Lyncourt Union Free School District (LUFSD) with this month’s “School District Spotlight.” As a Pre-K through eighth grade district, Lyncourt Union Free School District uses data to inform decision-making and improve student outcomes. 

Developing a Plan
Several years ago, LUFSD Superintendent James J. Austin asked staff to research the Professional Learning Community model and focus on collective responsibility for all students’ success.  Through their research, they developed the Lyncourt Child-Assessment-Response-Evaluation (C.A.R.E.) Team.  The C.A.R.E. Team is comprised of a cross-section of school personnel with various backgrounds and expertise.  Teachers are given release time every 4-6 weeks to meet with the C.A.R.E. Team in grade level and vertical teams.  Together, the groups look at district data from multiple perspectives and at various cross-sections including building level, grade level and individual student data. 
Addressing Students’ Academic Challenges
Over the past three years, teachers have identified specific concerns with students’ reading, math, and writing skills as a result of regular C.A.R.E. meetings and a variety of data sources. These sources include AIMS Web benchmark and progress monitoring, state testing data, and common formative assessments.  Through these meetings, Lyncourt teachers have addressed and continue to address students’ academic challenges and gaps. 
Using Data to Improve Student Achievement
Below are some of the accomplishments the Lyncourt staff has made in using data to inform instruction and to improve student achievement across the district:
  • Articulating Common Core Power Standards and writing vertically aligned curriculum maps
  • Implementing numerous academic interventions at all Intervention Tiers
  • Creating and using vertically aligned Common Formative Writing Assessments
  • Creating and using vertically aligned Common Formative Math Assessments
  • Developing Literacy Intervention Flowcharts and Programs
  • Instituting Collaborative Intervention Co-teaching model with common planning for vertical teams
  • Involving students in their own data collection, graphing, and reflection time with their teachers-even at the primary levels.
  • Initiating Behavior Intervention C.A.R.E. Team meetings to support students who need behavior plans
Share Your Success Story
Know a district using data to improve student learning? Are YOU the type of district using data to inform decision-making and improve student outcomes?  Recommend a "Featured District" so we can recognize and celebrate great work in the area of data-driven instruction!  Contact Lori DeForest at
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