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From Around the Region: Nottingham Students Celebrate Diversity at ‘We Are Syracuse’ Event

syracuse students and staff at diversity event
Refugee students at Nottingham came together to share their stories at the school’s annual We Are Syracuse event, a gallery-style event dedicated to celebrating different cultures and promoting understanding and appreciation. Students from Nepal, Thailand, Cuba, Yemen and more told of their experiences through written and spoken narratives, small-group PowerPoint presentations, and conversation over artwork.
Students sat at tables and spoke with attendees about religious traditions, cultural traditions like knitting shirts, family stories of parents surviving civil war, schooling, language, food and personal tales of how they came to be in the United States.
Senior Safa Hussein is from Yemen and is in the Seal of Biliteracy program. She came to America as a three-year-old and next year will be attending Binghamton University, where she plans to study English and Arabic, with plans to become a translator one day. She sees We Are Syracuse as a way to help expand peoples’ minds when it comes to other cultures.
“It’s incredible talking to people about Ramadan and being a Muslim,” she said. “People were surprised that they don’t know as much as they thought they do! America is so diverse, but you don’t see a lot about Islam in the textbooks… you don’t see the good side. I want to share that.”

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