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NYSED Timeline- Calendar of events including testing dates, PD System deadlines, etc..

Information and Reporting Services -  Regularly updated SED website resource for data reporting.

State Course Code Mapping - Information regarding state course mapping.

College and Career Readiness - Information regarding revision of current high school graduation requirements.

NYS HS Graduation Requirements 

NYS Report Cards- 1999 through Present.

NYSED Office of State Assessment - Important information for all Elementary, Intermediate and HS testing.

NYSED Data Warehouse Documentation -Latest news and documentation regarding the NYSED Data Warehouse.

NYSTP Assessment Tools - Conversion charts, SPI target ranges, and Media File assessment results for Math and ELA.

SED NYSTART Info - Important documentation regarding Grownet's nyStart application.

SEDCARStrategic Evaluation Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Unit of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities.

District Special Education Profiles- This site provides information on district special education programs. 

SIRS Documentation- Important information regarding the Student Information Repository System (Targeted Assistance, Title I, Backmapping, SIRS Manual, NYSAA...)

WNYRIC - Valuable site that includes Item Maps, Trend Maps, and Data PowerPoints.

DATAG- Data Analysis Technical Assistance Group.


BARS- with BARS on the Web, you can locally produce virtually all of the test scoring reports you need. You can export data, filter the reports to disaggregate on subgroups, and perform data comparisons at your own desktop. Help Documents Link

Cognos - Data Analysis and reporting application to run OLAP Analysis Studio (cubes), as well as data analysis and validation reports against the Level 1 data warehouse..

Click here for the Cognos 8 cubes - This version of cubes will only be available through June 30, 2014.  Any cubes saved to your personal folder will need to be recreated in our newest version of COGNOS (COGNOS 10).  Please create any layouts as soon as possible to retain these formats and become familiar with Analysis Studio.

Click here for the Cognos user application.
Completed forms should be faxed to Don DeJohn at 315-433-2221

Common Data Views Reports

NYSSIS - Assignment and reconciliation of Unique Student Ids
Click here for the NYSSIS tutorial

SEDREF  - SED web application to look up an Institution (BEDS and Institution Codes)

ToolKit / Level 0 (SED District Student Data Validation Web Site) - Add, verify, edit and export data for transmission to the Level 1 Data Warehouse

Click here for the Data Warehouse Level 0 user application.
Completed forms should be faxed to Don DeJohn at 315-433-2221


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