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Virginia Jacob
Project Manager

Financial Management Systems

The Financial Department at the CNYRIC offers several financial software management packages to meet the needs of school districts as well as offering various resources to enhance the productivity of the software management packages. District needs are achieved by working proactively with the business office personnel to assure timely and accurate data.

The benefits of working with the CNYRIC are the various tasks performed by the Financial Department. Some of
which include: 

  • Assistance with initial conversion:
    • Initial setup
    • Conversion of data
    • Implementation
  • Methods of local support offered:
    • Unlimited phone access
    • Use of our facility in emergencies
    • On-site visits
  • Continuous training services offered, including documentation and reference materials for:
    • One-on-One Training
    • Classroom Training
    • Semi Annual User Group Meetings
    • Calendar Year End Meetings
    • Fiscal Year End Meetings
  • File creation and electronic transfer to various organizations for:
    • Payroll Direct Deposit
    • Check Reconciliation
    • ERS and TRS Reporting
    • Quarterly NYS-45
    • W2 and 1099
  • Print various reports and forms, which may include signatures and logos:
    • Accounts Payable Checks
    • Payroll Checks and Advices
    • Purchase Orders
    • W2 and 1099

All the integrated systems are menu driven and provide screens, tables, and help windows to assist in entering and changing information easily. They have extensive user security while also allowing for distributed entry of data. The servers are located at the RIC and the systems are available to our users for update or inquiry 21 hours a day. * Availability due to system maintenance could change.

The financial software management systems offered are:

Finance Manager
Finance Manager is developed by MML Software, Ltd, which is located in East Setauket, NY and is developed specifically for NYS school districts. Finance Manager offers the following modules:
Basic Software Package - The Basic Software Package contains the Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources, Budget, Negotiations and GASB 34 Reporting processes.
Requisition Manager - The Requisition Manager module provides the ability to distribute the entering and approval of requisitions to buildings and/or departments.
Receivables Manager - The Receivables Manager simplifies billing and tracking of a wide variety of revenue sources.
N Vision Bidding - The Bidding software was designed to automate the manual bidding process by effectively creating and managing bids from initial setup to the award stage. The bidding software is also available as a stand alone application.

WinCap is developed by Capital Computer Associates which is located in Albany, NY and is developed specifically for NYS BOCES and school districts. WinCap offers the following modules:
Accounting - The Accounting module contains the General Ledger, Revenue Accounting, Budget, Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes.
Bidding -The Bid module supports cooperative bids from other participating WinCap users. It is also available as a stand alone application.
Payroll - Payroll is designed to run as a payroll 'by exception'. A series of tables are set up to accommodate individual district needs to reduce data entry.
Employee Attendance - The Employee Attendance module can optionally be distributed to buildings and/or departments.
Employee Benefits - The Benefits module provides the ability to encumber FICA, ERS, TRS and other employee benefits. The tracking of enrollment in a district's various health, dental and life insurance policies are maintained here. The Employee Benefits module can also be used for retiree health billing.
Appointments/Other HR - Features include tenure, certification, seniority, automated longevity, leaves of absences, evaluations, degree and courses completed. The Appointments/Other HR module can also be used to create Board Meeting actions.
Enhanced Reporting - The Enhanced Reporting module utilizes Crystal Report writing software and provides districts a user friendly method of creating Personnel reports.

Infinite Visions
Infinite Visions is developed by Unifund, LLC which is located in Nashua, New Hampshire and is developed nationally for school districts and municipalities, located primarily in the NorthEast.  BudgetSense offers the following modules:
Core Software Package - The Core Software Package contains the General Ledger, Budget, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Human Resources and Accounts Receivable processes.
Fixed Assets - The Fixed Assets module is designed to inventory, report on and depreciate general fixed assets, as required by GASB 34.
Warehouse - The Warehouse module manages the inventory, shipping and receiving functions for districts that operate a central stores warehouse.  This module integrates with the Purchasing, Accounts Payable and General Ledger modules.

Additional Financial Services
Check Stuffing and Insertion Service
The Check Stuffing Service will significantly reduce clerical time spent in the districts.  This service will provide districts the option of receiving payroll and accounts payable checks as a finished product in a (2) window envelope which can be sealed or unsealed.  It will also provide  up to (1) folded insertion per envelope.
In-District Support Services
Upon request, the CNYRIC will make provisions for qualified clerical, financial personnel to work at a district location for either a specified period of time or to accomplish a specific task.  This is an excellent opportunity for a district to get qualified support staff time that can be eligible for BOCES aid.
For More Information Contact:
Virginia Jacob, Project Manager

Sue Ackley, System Consultant

Professinal Development Tracking Software
MyLearningPlan is a web-based service for tracking Professional Development for educators.  School Administrators use MyLearningPlan to support online workflow and to provide faster access to records, reports and information on individuals and groups.
Business / Personnel Office Software Support
Software support is provided to school district Personnel Office staff for online job applications.  Job applicants can submit applications using the web and Personnel Office staff can manage and distribute these applications among authorized administrators in the school district.  Job applications for both instructional and non-instructional staff can be managed.
For More Information Contact:
Rick Pollard, CNYRIC Assistant Director 



Phone: 315.433.8300
Visit: 6075 E. Molloy Rd. | Syracuse, NY 13211
Mail: P.O. Box 4866 | Syracuse, NY 13221