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Supervisor of Data Analysis Services
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Codes and Definitions

CTE Program Service Codes

OCM 2017 CIP Codes 092816.pdf: OCM BOCES 2016-17 Approved CTE CIP Codes

CiTi 2017 CIP Codes 092816.pdf: Oswego BOCES 2016-17 Approved CTE CIP Codes 

Cayuga 2017 CIP Codes 092816.pdf: Cayuga BOCES 2016-17 Approved CTE CIP Codes 

TST 2017 CIP Codes 092816.pdf: TST BOCES 2016-17 Approved CTE CIP Codes

CTE Approved Programs of Study for BOCES 4 + 1 20161104.pdf

BOCES Program Location Codes

OCM 2017 Location Codes 092816.pdf - Please use these location codes for OCM BOCES programs. 

CiTi 2017 Location Codes 092816.pdf- Please use these location codes for Oswego BOCES programs.

Cayuga BOCES 2017 Location Codes 092816.pdf - Please use these location codes for Cayuga BOCES programs.

TST BOCES 2017 Location Codes 092816.pdf - Please use these location codes for TST BOCES programs.


NYSAA Age Range Chart for 2016-17 - All students in the following age ranges who are eligible to take NYSAA must be tested in 2016-17. Students with severe disabilities are assessed according to chronological ages aligned with grade levels as indicated in the attachment. Students that are still enrolled in HS and whose birthdate falls before the age range in the chart should also be tested before they exit.

Proudly serving 50 school districts in the Cayuga-Onondaga, Onondaga-Cortland-Madison, Oswego, and Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga BOCES regions
CNYRIC team members participate in Earth Day Litter Cleanup:
The outdoor space surrounding the CNYRIC received special attention on Saturday, April 22, thanks to several team members. Together, Joe Napoli, Teresa Fragola, Tammy Mahady, Shelly McConnell, ... more >>

Meet our Featured Teacher: Justin Ashworth:
    "The students must own the learning. The tools and partnerships that are available today can help empower students to control their ... more >>

Is your district's website ADA compliant?:
In recent months, several school districts in New York State have been contacted by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) regarding website compliance violations of  section 508 of the Rehabilitation ... more >>

Meet our Featured Administrator: Mr. Andy Eldridge:
    "The technology isn't the star of the show, but a means to ensure high-level learning is occurring." ... more >>

Meet our Featured Teacher: Thane Doubet:
  "These tools allow students to ... more >>

Meet our Featured Teacher: Kelly Guy:
  "You don't have to shuffle papers and there is no chance to lose them.  If I am home sick I can see what we learned using EdPuzzle so I ... more >>

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