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Codes and Definitions

Jeremy Dodds
Supervisor of Data Analysis Services
Lori DeForest
Supervisor of Data Analysis Services
Codes and Definitions

CTE Program Service Codes

OCM CTE CIP Codes 2019.pdf: OCM BOCES 2019 Approved CTE CIP Codes

CiTi CTE CIP Codes 2019.pdf: Oswego BOCES 2019 Approved CTE CIP Codes 

CAY CTE CIP Codes 2019.pdf: Cayuga BOCES 2019 Approved CTE CIP Codes 

TST CTE CIP Codes 2019.pdf: TST BOCES 2019 Approved CTE CIP Codes

BOCES Program Location Codes

OCM BOCES Locations updated 20190103.pdf - Please use these location codes for OCM BOCES programs. 

CiTi BOCES Location Codes 2018-19 Upd 20190103.pdf - Please use these location codes for Oswego BOCES programs.

CAY BOCES Location Codes 20190925.pdf - Please use these location codes for Cayuga BOCES programs.

TST BOCES Location Codes 2019.pdf - Please use these location codes for TST BOCES programs.


NYSAA_Age_Range_Chart_2019.pdf - All students in the following age ranges who are eligible to take NYSAA must be tested in 2018-19 school year. Students with severe disabilities are assessed according to chronological ages aligned with grade levels as indicated in the attachment. Students that are still enrolled in HS and whose birthdate falls before the age range in the chart should also be tested before they exit.

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