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Secondary Teacher Web Resources 8-12
Welcome to the Teachers web resources area. We hope you can utilize some of these websites with your children.  This page is specially designed for grade levels 8-12. We will be adding new websites and additonal subject areas as we find them; so make sure to check back here often. 
Please report any dead or invalid links to

A+ Research and Writing

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Academy of American Poets
High School Hub-English
American Literature
Novel Guide
OWL Writing Lab
Complete Works of Shakespeare
Curriculum. Resources in Drama and Theater
Teaching Shakespeare English Language and Lit. Resources 
English On Line
Web English Teacher
Grammar Blast
Writing Den         
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Math Practice Tests
Awesome Library- Math
Do Your Math
Mt Everest Math 
Gizmo - Math
NCTM Standards and Examples
Famous Problems
PBS Teacher Source
Figure This Math Challenges
High School Hub- Math 
Probability Central
I Love Calculus
Problems of the Week 
Interactive Algebra Activities
Regents Prep Math A
Interactive Calculus Activities
Regents Prep Math B
Taxicab Geometry Treasure Hunt
Math Forum Internet Math Library
Math Forum Web Units and Lessons
Triple A Math
Visual Calculus          
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How Everyday things are Made
Biomes of the World 
Instructional Materials for Science  
Learning Matters of Chemistry
Cells Alive
Chemistry Based Animations
Of Mind and Matter- the Mysteries of the Human Brain
Delights of Chemistry
Discovery Channel - Mythbusters 
Earth Science Resources - Franklin
Physics Web Earth Science Resources- Michigan
Quia Activities for Biology
Earth Sciences- UC Berkeley
Rainforest Action Network
Earth Science Resources - UNC
Regents Prep Center
ScienceNet Link Exploratorium
The Science Page
Science Practice Tests
Glencoe Earth Science Quiz
Science Learning Network
Science Teachers' Resource Center
High School Hub- Science
SCORE Science 
The Weather Whiz Curriculum Ideas         
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Social Studies

American Civil War Home Page
History Timelines 
Kathy Schrock- Social Studies American Journeys
Lesson Framework for Primary Sources
Anneberg- A Biography of America

Liberty- The American Revolution
Ben's Guide to US Government
The Library of Congress Best  of History Web Sites
National Archives

Black History Month Resources National Geographic
National Register of Historic Places
Country Reports 
NY Times- Education Cybrary of the Holocaust Odessey Online (Cultures)
DBQ: Teaching with Documents 
Regents Prep
Ellis Island U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Eyewitness History
Using Primary Sources
The Great Depression
Washington Post High School Hub
Hyper History
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An Art Education Guide for Students & Adults  (Submitted by: Anne Griffin)
Famous Paintings
Incredible Art Department
Arts Ed Net The Internet Art Database 
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Art Resources
Museum of Bad Art
Artists' Toolkit
Study Art
Web Museum
WebMuseum: Famous Artworks Exhibition
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Lesson Plans Page-Music
Classical Music of other Cultures
Medievil Music and Arts Foundation
Curricular Resources in Music
Music Education Online
Music Ed. Lesson Plans
High School Music
Music Resources
Kathy Schrock- Music/Performing Arts
WorldWide Internet Music Resources  
Teaching Music and the Internet

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Foreign Languages

Le Parisien
Archieved Nationale du Canada
The European Guide to Arts, Culture and Entertainment Worldwide
I Love Languages
Electronic Flashcards for Spanish
High School Hub - Foreign Language
Le Monde. fr
Learning French In French
Dave's ESL Cafe
Yahoo's Babel Fish Translator
Spanish Arts
Language Learning
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Last updated on 6/12/2012
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