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Meet our Featured Administrator: Mr. Andy Eldridge:     "The technology isn't the star of the show, but a means to ensure high-level learning is occurring."       Mr. Andy Eldridge Principal Jamesville-DeWitt Middle School Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District Congratulations to Mr. Andy Eldridge, our March 2017 Featured Administrator! Andy, a 20-year veteran educator, has been the principal of Jamesville-DeWitt ... more >>
Meet our Featured Teacher: Thane Doubet:   "These tools allow students to learn through technology and provide the teacher with the information required to adjust teaching to maximize learning for all students."       Thane Doubet Biology and Chemistry Teacher Cortland Junior Senior High School Cortland ... more >>
Meet our Featured Teacher: Kelly Guy:   "You don't have to shuffle papers and there is no chance to lose them.  If I am home sick I can see what we learned using EdPuzzle so I don't fall behind. Then I can open the classwork in Google Classroom and know what to do." -Fifth-grade student Kelly Guy Fifth-Grade Math A.A. Gates Elementary School Port Byron School District Congratulations to our January 2017 Featured Teacher Kelly Guy. Kelly works at A.A. Gates Elementary School in the Port Byron Central School District . Kelly is a 16-year veteran teacher, with three years at Port Byron CSD. Previously, she taught in Kansas City; Waimea, Hawaii; Conway, South Carolina, and toured for a month visiting schools ... more >>
Meet our Featured Teacher: Marianne Glose:   "The best part is that using this technology [Chromebooks and G Suite] allows the students to be curious and interested in learning. " Marianne Glose Second Grade Cherry Road School Westhill Central School District Congratulations to our December 2016 Featured Teacher Marianne Glose. Marianne has taught in the Westhill Central School District  for the past 29 years and currently teaches second-grade. Prior to teaching at Westhill, Marianne was the reading teacher at Cato-Meridian High School for one year and a pre-school teacher at Westside Nursery School for one year. What are some of the innovative ways that Marianne integrates technology into her curriculum? ... more >>
Connecting, collaborating, and forecasting: CNYRIC hosts statewide test scoring meeting: Nearly 50 New York State test scoring professionals recently gathered at the CNYRIC for a two-day meeting. Representatives from the state’s 12 regional information centers were present, as well as members of the New York City Department of Education, Yonkers Public Schools, Buffalo Public Schools, Rochester City School District, and Syracuse City School District. “Things change on a daily basis in the test scoring world, so this bi-annual meeting is a great opportunity for us to connect and exchange best practices,” said CNYRIC Systems Consultant Michele Rourke. As a leader in the state’s test scoring arena, the CNYRIC has hosted the meetings for more than a dozen years. “Much of the state uses the answer sheets that we create, ... more >>
Meet our Featured Teacher: Renee Patterson:   "As students begin to recognize that they have the tools and the know-how to find the answers they seek on their own, they have become more self-sufficient as researchers and subsequently, more curious and engaged in the topics covered in class." Renee Patterson ELA Onondaga Junior/Senior High School Onondaga Central School District Congratulations to our November 2016 Featured Teacher Renee Patterson. Renee works for Onondaga Central Schools (OCS) at Onondaga Junior/Senior High School and has taught ELA since 2004. During her tenure at OCS, she has taught ELA at the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th-grade levels, as well as several electives including Film Studies, Children’s Literature, ... more >>
Meeting spaces at the CNYRIC receive new names: The meeting spaces at the CNYRIC have been renamed. The name changes are a result of the organization's recent expansion into Rodax 7 and 8 (previously occupied by OCM BOCES), as well as the reorganization of several conference rooms. In an effort to remain consistent with OCM BOCES' meeting room theme of the Finger Lakes, the CNYRIC's meeting spaces are also named after waterways. Details regarding the new names are below.   PREVIOUS MEETING ROOM NAME NEW MEETING ROOM NAME Rodax 8_Large Conference Room  Onondaga Room Rodax 8_Small Conference Room  Oneida Room Rodax 8_Conference Room A Learning Lab   Rodax 2_Conference Room 1  ... more >>
Meet our Featured Teacher - John Nadler:     "With increased student motivation and diving deep into the digital tools, students are learning more than ever before."   John Nadler Eighth Grade ELA North Syracuse Junior High North Syracuse Central School District Congratulations to our October 2016 Featured Teacher John Nadler. John works for North Syracuse Central School at North Syracuse Junior High School . He has taught eighth grade English at the junior high for 19 years. He also is the senior advisor for the school's award-winning tech crew, 4D Productions . What are some of the innovative ways that John integrates technology into his curriculum? Over the years, John has used several ... more >>
CNYRIC earns New York School Public Relations Association 2016 Communications Contest Awards: September 2016 - The Central New York Regional Information Center (CNYRIC) is the proud recipient of two 2016 New York School Public Relations Association (NYSPRA) Communications Contest Awards .  The CNYRIC earned both awards for the design and development of school district websites including Syracuse City School District and Ithaca City School District . NYSPRA will present all awards at the annual New York State School Boards convention on Oct. 28 in Buffalo. To learn more about the CNYRIC’s e-Communications services, including website design, please go to www.cnyric.org/e-communications .   more >>
CNYRIC Director Pamela Mazzaferro's plans for the CNYRIC: The Central New York Regional Information Center has a new leader. Director  Pamela Mazzaferro  began her new position Monday, Aug. 22.     Pam has developed and initiated a comprehensive entry plan for her first 90 days as director.  Click here to view the plan . The plan outlines the goals, objectives, major activities, and timeline for the next three months. Pam's top priority is to meet with stakeholders throughout the region to listen, learn, and collect information. The gathered data will be used to create a proposed action plan that aims to positively impact the 100,000 students in the region. "I look forward to meeting many educational leaders during the next few months," said Mazzaferro. "Together ... more >>
Pamela J. Mazzaferro becomes new director of Central New York Regional Information Center:   Pamela J. Mazzaferro, director of information technology for the Rome City School District, was appointed July 14 to become the new director of the Central New York Regional Informational Center (CNYRIC), which provides a broad range of technology services to 50 school districts in the region. Mazzaferro replaces former CNYRIC director Michael Fay, who retired earlier this year after 11 years at the helm. The CNYRIC is a division of the Onondaga-Cortland-Madison Board of Cooperative Education Services (OCM BOCES). It is based at 6075 East Molloy Road in Syracuse. “We are extremely fortunate to have Pam on board because she possesses a great depth of knowledge, has experience in both the public and private sector and, most importantly, is committed to student learning,” ... more >>
Data Center team members receive Work-Based Learning Business Partnership Award: Dave Osborn, operations shift supervisor for the CNYRIC’s Data Center, received a call four years ago that changed everything.   “A special education teacher from OCM BOCES contacted me to discuss having some of her students work in the Data Center,” said Osborn. “Looking back, I didn’t realize what an opportunity my team and I had been given.”   Over the past four years, the Data Center has employed two students through BOCES’ Work-Based Learning Business Partnership program. The first was a wheelchair-bound male who found his niche. “He loved shredding papers,” said Osborn. “He liked the sound the machine made and was really happy doing the work.”   ... more >>
CNYRIC committed to the security of school districts' private information: Social Security numbers, email addresses, and student health details are just a few examples of the private information the Central New York Regional Information Center (CNYRIC) handles on behalf of 50 school districts and four BOCES. In addition to the organization's commitment to improving student learning, the CNYRIC places the highest importance on the security of its clients’ private information. The CNYRIC plans to conduct end-user training for all employees in August to ensure best practices continue to be utilized when working with critical data. “Providing end-user training for every CNYRIC employee is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the security of school districts’ information,” said CNYRIC Assistant Director Rick Dillon. ... more >>
Final AIMSweb/STAR User Groups and RTI PLC of the school year happening Friday, June 10: The CNYRIC Data Warehouse team is hosting the final AIMSweb/STAR User Groups and RTI PLC of the 2015-16 school year on Friday, June 10. The goal of each session is to bring together educators from the region to discuss the effective use of data and assessment to improve instruction and student learning. Below are the links to register for each session in My Learning Plan. Please note that the schedule has shifted slightly from the past, with the User Groups from 8:30-11:00 am and the RTI PLC from 12:00-3:00 pm.     AIMSweb User Group:   The spring AIMSweb User Group will focus how to best use end-of-year data to help assess the effectiveness of instruction and prepare for immediate intervention support in September. Additionally, we will discuss ways in which districts ... more >>
Meet our Featured Teacher: Penny Feeney:     "Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination." Daniel Bell   Penny Feeney Library Media Specialist Onondaga Hill Middle Schools Westhill Central School District Congratulations to our June 2016 Featured Teacher Penny Feeney. Penny is the School Media Specialist at Onondaga Hill Middle School, serving grades 5 - 8 in the Westhill Central School District . This is Penny's second year in the district after working as an Early Childhood Educator for 25 years. What are some of the innovative ways that Penny integrates technology into her curriculum? Penny has enjoyed introducing students and staff ... more >>
Watch the 'About the CNYRIC' video: Test scoring. Instructional technology. Professional development. Report card printing. The Central New York Regional Information Center (CNYRIC) provides  more than 100 diverse services to school districts and BOCES throughout Central N ew York, all in an effort to support student learning. “It can be challenging to encapsulate what the CNYRIC does because we offer such a wide range of services,” said Inte rim Chief Technology Officer Peter Ciarelli. “I’m pleased to announce that we now have a solution to that challenge, and it only takes four minutes to view.” The CNYRIC is thrilled to introduce a visually-pleasing video that provides a thorough overview of the organization. The video, developed by the CNYRIC’s e-Communications ... more >>
Meet our Featured Teacher: Ellen Lefort:   "iDoceo has changed the way I teach and plan. I am able to spend much less time on busy work and organization, which frees me up to focus on content and student learning."      Ellen Lefort Music Teacher Onondaga Nation School LaFayette Central School District Congratulations to our May 2016 Featured Teacher Ellen Lefort. Ellen is the music teacher at Onondaga Nation School in the Lafayette Central School District . She teaches grades K-8 General Music, grades 4-6 Band, and grades 7-8 Band. She has been teaching for eight years. What are some of the innovative ways that Ellen integrates technology into her curriculum? Ellen uses a variety ... more >>
Critical Thinking Through Coding pilot program inspires student learning: Ten Central New York school districts participated in the CNYRIC’s Critical Thinking Through Coding (CTTC) pilot program during the 2015-2016 school year.  For  one-month increments, districts received access to a variety of robotic devices, CTTC curriculum, and onsite instructional technology support. The program was used in kindergarten through eighth-grade classrooms, but can be adapted for all grade levels.  As a result of the pilot program’s success, CTTC is now available as a CNYRIC service. Districts can customize the service to meet their needs and budgets. About CTTC Critical Thinking Through Coding was developed by the CNYRIC's Model Schools Program, led by Instructional Technologists Jason Clark and Nick Lefort. With the recent ... more >>
Peter Ciarelli to serve as interim chief technology officer: The Central New York Regional Information Center (CNYRIC) is under new leadership following the retirement of former Chief Technology Officer Mike Fay. With nearly 40 years of experience in education, Peter Ciarelli has been appointed interim director of the organization and begins his new role today.   “Mr. Ciarelli is highly qualified and respected in the area,” said OCM BOCES District Superintendent Jody Manning. “He will serve us well as we search for a full-time director.”   Ciarelli previously worked as assistant superintendent for technology services in the Williamsville Central School District and as assistant principal and director of technology in the Westhill Central School District. Prior to Westhill, Ciarelli spent most of his career ... more >>
Meet our Featured Teacher - Katie Clift: "Despite CAD and 3D printing being new technologies to her, Katie enthusiastically met the challenge to provide this experience to her students."       Katherine Clift Seventh Grade Science Teacher Camillus Middle School  West Genesee Central School District Congratulations to our April 2016 Featured Teacher Katie Clift. Katie teaches seventh grade science at Camillus Middle School in the West Genesee School District . She has been teaching for 13 years, all of which have been with the West Genesee district. What are some of the innovative ways that Katie integrates technology into her curriculum? Twenty-first century skills ... more >>

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Proudly serving 50 school districts in the Cayuga-Onondaga, Onondaga-Cortland-Madison, Oswego, and Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga BOCES regions
From Around the Region: Liverpool Students and Staff Participate in Hour of Code:
Coding has become one of the most important job skills employers seek in potential workers and it’s a skill gaining importance in fields beyond technology.  ... more >>

Meet our Featured Teacher - Alaina Weinsztok:
"Through the integration of technology into classroom and lab activities, Alaina's students gained invaluable skills that they’ll carry with them well beyond high ... more >>

CNYRIC to Host Seminar on ADA Accessibility:
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards dictate that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities.  Is your website meeting ... more >>

Meet our Featured Teacher: Elizabeth Carpenter:
  "Through the incorporation of technology into Beth’s classroom and lab activities, students gain invaluable technology skills that they’ll carry with them ... more >>

From Around the Region: Skaneateles CSD Grad Returns to Talk Shop with Students:
From Around the Region with Skaneateles Central School District Nancy Menapace Cable, a 2005 graduate of Skaneateles High School, recently returned to SHS to speak with seniors in Matt Slauson’s ... more >>

Meet our Featured Teacher: Keith Ward:
  "Students were allowed to work with software and hardware in a way that replicates how these technologies are used in the world of work. They were not tasked ... more >>

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