TALKing Points:  Gary Stager


20 Lessons from 20 Years of 1:1 Computing

1. Who has agency?

2. What sort of laptop school are you?

3.  Set high expectations

4. The laptops go home

5. Behave as if the laptops are PERSONAL computers

6. Children need real multimedia portable computers

7.  Laptops make good teachers better

8.  The network is not the computer

9.  Every child's laptop is a studio, laboratory, publishing house

10. No one washes a rental car

11.  Every laptop needs open ended creativity software, but less is more if fluency is the goal

12.  Seize the impossible

13. That's what it looks like if students have time

14.  Entire cohorts of students need to get laptops at once

15. There is zero benefit in giving laptops to teachers first

16.  PD must be focused on benefitting learners

17.  Work with the living and do no harm!

18.  You need sustainable leadership and vision

19.  expect EVERYTHING to change

20.  We are done arguing!
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