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Student Services

The Student Services department provides application consultation, training and support for a variety of applications that collect, maintain and report on student information.  Systems supported by the CNYRIC are able to provide the data needed for the NYS data warehouse and New York State reporting needs and in many instances, integrate with one another.   
Student Data Management Systems
   ♦   Schooltool and SIS  

Teacher Gradebook Applications
   ♦ and ProgressBook

Guidance Office Support Applications
    ♦   Naviance

Mobile Student Schedules and Athletic Scheduling
    ♦   Principalm and ScheduleFinder® for Students
    ♦  Schedule Galaxy for Athletic Directors

Photo ID Cards
   ♦   ID cards for students and staff that can be used with library and food service systems

Special Education Data Management Systems
   ♦   ClearTrack 200 Special Education Management System and IEPDirect Special Education Management System

Medicaid Processing 
   ♦   MedWeb and MedicaidDirect Medicaid Billing systems

Transportation System Integration Support
   ♦   Transfinder and VersaTrans integration support
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