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Guidance Office Support Applications

Jeremy Dodds
Supervisor of Data Analysis Services
Lori DeForest
Supervisor of Data Analysis Services
Naviance Suite of products for the Guidance Office provides easy to use and valuable tools for career planning, stuent surveys and managing the college application process.  
Naviance For High School or Middle School® 
Counselor's Office is a secure, Web-based system for Guidance Counselors to collect and organize detailed information about students’ post-secondary plans. This application can manage the college visit schedule and let students register on-line, track college applications and analyze historical results from your school.
Naviance E-Docs® 
E-Docs allows Counselors to electronically send application related forms, recommendations, transcripts and school profiles electronically to over 1,800 colleges and universities.
Method Test Prep ACT and/or SAT Test Preparation® 
Method Test Prep ACT and/or SAT test preparation course includes coursework to prepare students for the ACT and or the SAT.
Naviance Learning Style Inventory® 
Learning Styles Inventory gives you a powerful, on-line tool to assess how each of the following dimensions affect your students’ learning including immediate environment, emotionality, sociological needs and physical needs. Students complete an easy-to-read on-line survey in 30 minutes or less and receive instant feedback on more than twenty areas affecting how they learn. Counselors, teachers, and other educators can review those results on-line for each student or for a class of students.
Naviance Test Prep For ACT & SAT
Naviance Test Prep For ACT & SAT is a comprehensive on-line preparation course that help students improve their performance on the ACT and SAT. This course also includes detailed reports for counselors and teachers to monitor student activity and achievement.

Naviance Career Key
Research shows that close personality / college major / career matches predict success and satisfaction. This career test is one of the few tests that truly measures the Holland six personality types, according to scientific studies. It is based on the most respected and widely used career theory, Hollands Theory of Career Choice. Career Keys scientific matching system enables students to identify careers and college majors that match their interests, traits, skills and abilities.

Naviance Career Readiness Curriculum
While the vast majority of students today aspire to go on to college, few know what it takes to optimize their potential and reach their goals. The Naviance College and Career Readiness Curriculum is a blended learning solution for students in grades 6-12 that helps them develop critical non-cognitive skills and college knowledge, and instills confidence so that they'll persevere to reach their long-term college and career goals.

Naviance Do What You Are 
The Do What You Are Personality assessment is linked to the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, which is used in business and education around the world. Students take this assessment to discover basic personality type as well as possible careers that are connected to their personal interests and goals.

Naviance Achieve Works
The Achieve Works package includes; Learning Style Inventory, Do What You Are assessment, and MI Advantage (Multiple Intelligence Advantage).  Achieve Works· assessments support a personalized learning approach, working together to provide you with a comprehensive profile of each student·s strengths and challenges and giving students the tools they need to take charge of their own learning.

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