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Amy Keesey
Coordinator of eLearning
Jason Clark
Model Schools Coordinator
The Technology and Leadership Keynote Series (TALKS) brings
engaging educational technology experts to Central New York to inspire,
teach, and share the very best in technology leadership and integration
strategies. Your membership provides not only access to national, state,
and local technology integration experts, but also a place to network
with other forward-thinking educational leaders. Please join us in
sharing our vision to transform teaching and learning in the 21st century.



We are very excited to announce the 2018-19 TALKS series!

From Passive Consumers to Active Creators:
How to build better learning experiences for students.

   Take a look at the offerings below and register now!

The Tech Garden- October 17th, 9am-11am
235 Harrison St, Syracuse, NY 13202
Join us for our first event of the year exploring how to transform our students from consumers of information to creators of understanding.  This first event will be hosted by The Tech Garden, and we will be highlighting some of the great opportunities available in the Syracuse area for future graduates.  The Tech Garden, a program of Center State CEO, helps create technology-leveraging start-ups, fosters the development of entrepreneurs, and supports the innovation ecosystem throughout the Central New York region.  The Syracuse area has seen a recent upswing in career opportunities related to STEAM skills.  During our time at The Tech Garden, we will hear about the exciting opportunities in the area and what local employers are looking for in recent graduates. The office space of today is changing and students need to come out of school with the skills to collaborate, synthesize information, and think on their feet. If time allows we will take a tour of The Tech Garden. 


Fayetteville Free Library: Fab Lab
Date(Friday, March 1st, 9 am- 11 am
The first steps toward change are difficult because many times we can not envision something being different from how things have always been done in the past.  Join us at the FFL: Fab Lab to hear from a panel of teachers that have been doing things differently and learn from their experiences. The Fayetteville Free Library (FFL) is nationally and internationally renowned for its innovative programs, services, spaces, and collections. It has been named a Library Journal Star Library for nine
years and is the home of the first library makerspace in the United States. This event will bring a panel of teachers from around the area that have transformed their instruction to allow their students to create a level of understanding that traditional lecture never accomplished. We will also have an opportunity to hear from Mike Cimino, the Director of STEAM and Making, and hear about his experiences with students who are allowed to create understanding. If there is time we will also have a tour of the Fab Lab and all that it has to offer.  

Innovation Tech HS
Date(May 9th, 9am-11am)
We are working with the OCMBOCES Innovation Tech HS to develop an informative program to highlight their newly renovated location and share how they are encouraging students to discover content through hands-on discovery.  Gretchen Belanger, the principal at Innovation Tech HS, will share with us the philosophy they adopt around education at Innovation Tech and what makes it different from the normal classroom.  We will also hear from some of the more senior students in the program as they share their experience, and show some examples of the work they have done. There will also be a tour of the new facilities located in the Rodax complex off of East Molloy Rd. 


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