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ITD Professional Development Events

Below is a list of Instructional Technology workshops, webinars, on-line courses, and user group meetings. Use the drop down list to filter by workshop format.
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Workshop Title Description Presenter Schedule & Venue
Webinar - Byte sized learning - Lunch and Learn with Kami
Kami users (or wannabes) are welcome to grab some grub, pull up a seat and learn some features of Kami! Bring your questions! This session is open to all level users of Kami. We will show some of the basic features and see where the time takes us!
Rebecca Edsall Wednesday, December 14
Location - Webinar
Asynchronous: Social Emotional Learning and Technology - Made for Each Other ❤️
This asynchronous course will help you to use technology tools in your classroom to improve relationships with students, build a stronger sense of community, set and achieve positive goals and to create time and space for reflection. Some basic understanding of education technology tools is encouraged for success in this course. We will use Google apps, Flip and Peardeck.
Rebecca Edsall Monday, January 9
Location - On-Line
Asynchronous - Planning to Integrate Technology into Your Lessons
The 5E lesson plan mode and EduProtocols are a great way to help teachers integrate technology into their lessons. Students are allowed to make discoveries and process new skills in an engaging way. The 5E'S and EduProtocols provide a planned sequence of instruction that places students at the center of learning. This course is divided into 4 sections, each one examines a different part of integrating technology into your lesson plans. This is a hands-on course and you will be asked to demonstrate understanding, then share the work in Google Classroom. This course is asynchronous and you will be expected to watch instructional videos on your own to help you complete the course. This course will require a commitment of at least 6 hours to successfully complete the various learning activities. There are no scheduled meetings. If necessary, participants can schedule video chats with the facilitator. To schedule a time to meet contact All course content will be available exclusively on a Google Site, and all coursework will take place in Google Classroom.
Michael Dingman Monday, January 16
Location - On-Line
WEBINAR: Edpuzzle - Engagement you can see, results you can measure.
Students these days are learning how to do almost everything through video. Videos feel personal, are highly visual, and let you control the pace at which you learn. When you try to show a video in class though, you might not always get the complete attention of the students, and it can be hard to gauge if they are retaining information. Edpuzzle can turn a video into a dynamic lesson easily by adding questions anywhere in your video, allowing you to check comprehension and get students to engage in critical thinking. Learn how to upload and create your own questions that pertain to your chosen video, as well as have time to peruse through the Edpuzzle community library of teacher-created content. We will also look at how to make our own Edpuzzle video from scratch using the Edpuzzle screen record tool. Edit your video and embed questions all from the Edpuzzle site. Let's literally put our ideas into motion with video and Edpuzzle.
Todd Parks Tuesday, February 7
Location - Webinar
Phone: 315.433.8300
Visit: 6075 E. Molloy Rd. | Syracuse, NY 13211
Mail: P.O. Box 4866 | Syracuse, NY 13221
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