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Local Government Services
The Central New York Regional Information Center is proud to extend our array of services to other non-profit agencies. 

New York State is emphasizing consolidation and shared services. Commencing with the 2013-2014 year the Central New York Regional Information Center (CNYRIC) offers Municipalities - Cities, Counties, Towns, and Villages - the opportunity to share technology services in our region. We believe this provides municipalities opportunities to enterprise-class services for a low cost and extends the value of the local tax dollar.

Any service offered to a School District may be shared by a municipality. If you represent a local government please take some time to review the services presented on the CNYRIC website. Better yet give us a call to discuss how we can help.

HELP! - If you are currently a member of our service and are having technical problems, you may request technical assistance through our help desk at or phone: 315-433-8345.

A History of BOCES and Regional Information Centers
In 1948, New York State enacted legislation to encourage small and rural schools to share teachers and other services. Over the past 60 years, what are now 37 regional BOCES have provided cost savings and given students all over the state access to high-quality educational programs, technology, and career, technical and alternative education through a system of regionalized services.

The Regional Information Centers (RICs) are organized under the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES).  Presently, there are 12 Regional Information Centers in New York State, each administratively aligned under a BOCES. Typically, a RIC serves several BOCES within their region.
“Similar to BOCES, RICs are a trusted provider of collaborative services. By regionalizing services, the RICs, in particular, make a wider range of technology skill sets available to school districts. This relationship increases the buying power of a district and promotes consistent technical standards. This cost effective system continues to lighten the burden placed on local taxpayers and has leveled the playing field so that no matter the size of a district, the best resources remain within reach for New York students.” (

The Central New York Regional Information Center (CNYRIC) serves 50 school districts and 4 BOCES across eight counties in the central region of New York State.  We provide a wide array of technology services through our 3 major components: Instructional Technologies, Student/Data Services, and Network Operations.  Services include everything from professional development for technology integration, to student management systems, to network infrastructure equipment and planning.  The CNYRIC maintains a massive fiber-based WAN that reaches across the region and provides high-speed connectivity for nearly all of our customers.

OCM BOCES is the Administrative Participant for the New York School & Municipal Energy Consortium (NYSMEC).  Approximately 160 School Municipalities and Districts participate in the program.
OCM BOCES manages all school-based Medicaid processing for the State of New York in our data center.
Commencing in 2012, New York State passes a bill allowing public libraries to contract with boards of cooperative educational services.
Commencing in 2012, New York State passes a bill allowing the provision of services to out-of-state school districts by boards of cooperative educational service
Commencing in 2013, the New York Regional Information centers were granted authority by the New York State Legislature to work with municipalities to share services.

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Case Study: OCM BOCES/Hess Energy
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