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Featured Teacher:  Keith Newvine

Keith Newvine
English Teacher
West Genesee High School
West Genesee Central School District

Keith is a High School English Educator in the West Genesee Central School district and is currently pursuing his PhD in English Education & Literacy at Syracuse University. Keith is also currently a guest lecturer in RED 511: Adolescent Literature and a supervisor and co-teacher for RED 649: Advanced Literacy Intervention, both at Syracuse University. He has been teaching for 10 years, 8 at West Genesee and 2 at Gouverneur Middle School.
Keith has also presented professional development at conferences throughout his teaching career, most recently co-presenting with other West Genesee teachers at the 2013 NYSCATE (New York State Association for Computers and Technology in Education) about “Mobile Learning Management Across District: Using Edmodo & Facebook-style Learning & Collaboration from the District Office to the Classroom.”  Keith is also a turn-key trainer for Promethean Board & ActiveInspire and at the High School.  His most recent obsession is using Edmodo, iPads, and other electronic devices to take student & teacher learning outside of the walls of the classroom.
Keith is passionate about teaching and learning and is always looking to try something new in his classroom with another gadget or gizmo.

Follow Keith on Twitter:  @knewvine

What are some of the innovative ways you are integrating technology into your curriculum?

Most recently, Keith has developed an online collaborative opportunity for staff members at West Genesee High School using Edmodo.  Staff members were asked to read Subject Matters: Every Teacher’s Guide to Content-Area Reading and present practical strategies for implementing or enhancing literacy instruction across content areas via Edmodo.

Keith also piloted an iPad Project at West Genesee High School where thirty of  Keith’s students in his 12th Grade 20th Century American Historical Fiction class were given personal iPads to use throughout the unit and were instructed on how to use iBooks, Edmodo, Google Drive, Pages, iMovie, and ComicBook! apps to aid in comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. 
In another experiential learning experience, students in Keith’s AP Literature & Composition class went on a field trip to the Everson Museum & Syracuse University Bird Library to take a tour of both respective collections.  During the tour, students were instructed to find something which inspired them and then to create something—anything—and turn that inspiration and creation into a video on Youtube.
Click here to see some students’ videos created for either of these projects, which they created using Audacity, Garageband, Windows Movie Maker, and/or iMovie.


How have students benefitted from your technology integration initiatives?

Here are some student testimonials about the iPad Pilot Project they recently completed:
“I think iBooks and the tools it possesses helped me further analyze and understand the book by allowing me to highlight and note significant events or things I did not understand throughout the story.”
“This was the first time I ever used sticky notes and highlighted because the iPad made it very simple. I would not have taken notes if we had read a paper copy.”
“I used all the tools for almost every chapter and felt they were very helpful and enhanced the reading experience.”
“I was more motivated to do my work because it was easier.”
“Not only did I do my English homework, but it also gave me the motivation to complete some homework that I wouldn't do normally.”
“The iPads made it easier to learn and forced students to interact more during class. I would like to have an iPad that I could use for all classes.”

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