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From Around the Region: SCSD Students Enjoy Bilingual Café

student orders at the bilingual cafe
Students in the bilingual program at Delaware enjoyed a special treat to help them develop their dual language skills: they were invited to dine at a bilingual ‘restaurant’ in their classroom, Café de Jardin de Ninos!
“We were very excited to have a hands-on lesson with our little ones,” Natalia Lott, a Spanish as a New Language teacher, explained. “This unit talked about family and food, and [fellow teacher] Kelly and I decided to have a hands-on activity where the students can try foods, share as a family and learn words in English and Spanish. This is how the idea of having a little restaurant came to life!”
Students were able to order from a bilingual menu – ordering from a selection of pizza, fish, rice and salad. They were reminded to use proper manners as they ordered and thanked their servers.

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