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Helping Districts With Ed Law 2-D


Through its recent communication, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has made it clear that it intends to much more rigorously review school district websites for Education Law 2-D Part 121 compliance. The expectation is that NYSED will begin their analysis at some point during this fall season.

In an attempt to help districts effectively identify and collate this information, the CNYRIC has assembled a template that will help school administration house all of the necessary documents in one tidy spot. This web template was approved by the state education department, and is available to any district who currently purchases the CNYRIC’s Website Design and Development service. The Baldwinsville Central School District's Privacy and Ed Law page was even chosen as an "exemplar" of what NYSED is looking for. 

CNYRIC’s e-Comm team can help you build and populate a Data Privacy and Security (Ed Law 2-D) page, and get that page housed in the right spot on your district’s website! If you’re interested in getting this page set up for your district, please reach out to Josh Seitz at 315.431.8483.

example of Baldwinsville School District Privacy and Ed Law 2-D page
Phone: 315.433.8300
Visit: 6075 E. Molloy Rd. | Syracuse, NY 13211
Mail: P.O. Box 4754 | Syracuse, NY 13221
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