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RIC One Earns Award for Data Protection Efforts

The Central New York Regional Information Center is part of the RIC One initiative, which is composed of the 12 regional information centers throughout New York State, and that is dedicated to helping districts navigate the complexities of Education Law 2-D and help districts achieve the strongest possible data security. In honor of these efforts, the RIC One was recently awarded the “Exemplary Service & Innovation for Technological Advancement” award from the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA). 

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Per the award announcement, the RIC One is being recognized for its, “Remarkable contributions and unwavering commitment to technological innovation,” which “have made a profound impact on the educational landscape.”

Continuing, the announcement added: “The collaborative effort of the 12 ESAs through the RIC One Data Privacy and Security Service is a shining example of how teamwork and collective vision can drive meaningful change. Your initiative has played a pivotal role in equipping New York State K-12 districts with the tools and support they need to address the critical issue of data protection. In a time when cyber threats are escalating, your work has become more important than ever, ensuring the security of sensitive information and systems.”

Congratulations go out to all of the regional information centers who have worked so hard to make this an award-worthy endeavor!  

To learn more about the AESA, you can visit its website. You can also view past award winners from organizations all across the country.  
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