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Ensemble Video

  Does your district produce any of the following:
- student and instructor podcasts
- student videos (news, announcements, presentations, etc)
- instructional audio or video (how to's, lectures, foreign language practice activities, etc)
- videos of extra-curricular activities (sports, concerts, plays, etc)
- student portfolios
Are you having a hard time managing these files? Ensemble Video is a solution to easily manage your video content. Ensemble Video allows for multiple content creators, multiple video formats, and also enables flexible publishing and sharing of video content.

Here are some suggested articles:

Introducing Ensemble
You Tube is Free; Ensemble Costs Less for K-12
Ensemble Product Information

For more information about Ensemble and how you can use it in your district, please contact:
Amy Keesey or (315) 433-8332
Phone: 315.433.8300
Visit: 6075 E. Molloy Rd. | Syracuse, NY 13211
Mail: P.O. Box 4866 | Syracuse, NY 13221