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Meet Our Featured Teachers

Amy Keesey
Coordinator of eLearning
Jason Clark
Model Schools Coordinator
featured teacher lisa seeley

Lisa Seeley
First Grade Teacher
Reynolds Elementary School
Baldwinsville Central School District

Lisa Seeley is a first grade teacher at  Reynolds Elementary, part of the Baldwinsville Central School District. Lisa has been teaching for six years, and is currently in her second year at Baldwinsville.

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Is This You?
Are you the type of teacher who thinks about technology integration and new ways to enhance instruction, engage students, and make learning fun?  Know someone who fits the profile?  Recommend a "Featured Teacher" so we can recognize and celebrate great work in the area of instructional technology!

Past Featured Teachers:
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Kelly Boswell - Nov. Marilyn Farrell - Oct. Tricia Ludden - Sept. John Nadler - Oct. Sara Hughes - Oct. ESM's STEAM Team - Oct. Amy Furletti - Sept.
Lisa Seeley - Dec. Ashley Gilbert & Brittany Lamie - Nov. Heather Snyder - Oct. Renee Patterson - Nov. Micah Shippee - Nov. Johnsteven Melfi - Nov. Christina Luce - Oct.
  Penny Mills - Dec. Keith Ward - Nov.  Marianne Glose - Dec. Amoreena Tellaeche - Dec.   Chris DiFulvio - Nov.
    Elizabeth Carpenter - Dec.       Kevin Misiano - Dec.
            Audrey Misiano - Sept.
            Sue Kowalski - Oct.
            Nancy Dalley - Nov.
            Lisa Sammon - Dec.

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