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CNYRIC Committees -
CNYRIC Committees Home
CNY Data Analysis Community (CNYDAC)
CNY Regional Information Center Advisory Council (CNYRIC AC)
Customer Support Advisory Committee (CSAC)
Medicaid Direct User Group (MEDUG)
Medicaid Web Reports User Group (MEDRPT)
Mobile Schedules: Prinicipalm User Group (PUG)
Mobile Schedules: Schedule Finder User Group (SFUG) User Group
Naviance User Group (NAVUG)
PowerSchool User Group
ProgressBook User Group
Regents User Group
Schooltool User Group
SIS Attendance User Group Meeting (SISAUG)
SIS Discipline Tracking User Group (SISDUG)
SIS Elementary Module User Group (SISEMUG)
SIS Health User Group (SISHUG)
SIS High School Scheduling User Group (SISHSSUG)
SIS Locker User Group (SISLUG)
SIS Mark Reporting User Group (SISMUG)
SIS Middle School Scheduling User Group (SISMSSUG)
SIS Student Registration User Group (SISRUG)
SIS Transcript User Group (SISTUG)
SISWeb Gradebook User Group
Special Education Cleartrack200 User Group (CT200)
Special Education IEP Direct User Group (IEPDUG)
Student Services Advisory Council (SSAC)
Test Scoring Advisory Committee (TSAC)
Test Scoring User Group
CNYRIC Connections -
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CNYRIC Main Pages -
Data Warehouse & Testing
Instructional Technology
COVID-19 Planning Resource
Other NYS Regional Information Centers & BOCES
Regional Technology Plan
Teaching in Remote Learning (TRLE) initative
mediaCONNECT Home/Login
Data Center -
Spectre/Meltdown Info
Data Warehouse -
Testing Home
RtI Home
2022 Codes and Definitions
2023 Codes and Definitions
DW Meeting Handout
Level 0 Historical Updates
NYSAA Age Range Chart
SEDDAS Help Documents
Digital Signage -
cnyric full screen images
Disaster Recovery/Information Security -
Disaster Recovery
Educational Data Service -
Educational Data Services - Home
eLearning -
eLearning Home
E-Rate -
E-Rate | 2024-2025
Financial -
Financial Management Support Services
Food Services -
Food Service Support
Food Service Management Support Services
ITD Services Pages -
ITD Home Page
Our Services
Ask IT!
Meet the Team
eSports Service
ITD - Lotus Notes
Local Government Service -
Help Desk Request
Local Government Services
Network Operations -
E-rate/Telcom Services
Documents & Resources
CIPA Resources
District Contract Maintenance
Operations -
Technical Repair Services
E-rate/Telcom Services
Remote Technical Support
Printing -
Documents and Resources
RtI Presentations
RtI Funding Sources
RtI Service Description
AIMSweb User Group Meetings and Resources
RTI PLC Meetings and Resources
RTI: Plan Implementation Support
RTIm Help Docs
Star Help Docs
STAR User Group Meetings and Resources
Winter 2018
Student Services -
Student Services Home
Student Data Management Systems
Teacher Gradebook Applications
Guidance Office Support Applications
Mobile Schedules - ScheduleFinder/Principalm
Photo ID Card Services
Special Education Data Management Systems
Medicaid Processing
Transportation System Integration
Student Services Help Desk
Student Services Help Desk Thank You
Test Scoring -
Test Scoring Services
Meet The Team
Test Scoring Home
Web Services -
Beyond the Buzz
CNYRIC about
CNYRIC Secondary
Design Gallery
Email Signature
Fayetteville City
Graphic Design Gallery
Meet The Team
mockup BOCES draft fullscreen
Portfolio | Websites
Sample Layout 5
Secondary Page Designs
tempEDIT Training Materials
Phone: 315.433.8300
Visit: 6075 E. Molloy Rd. | Syracuse, NY 13211
Mail: P.O. Box 4754 | Syracuse, NY 13221
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