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Jeremy Dodds
Supervisor of Data Analysis Services
Lori DeForest
Supervisor of Data Analysis Services
RtI Presentations

KEYNOTE SCANLON Slide handouts  This presentation is Dr. Donna Scanlons keynote presentation at the NYS RTI TAC Conference in Albany, NY.

Data Teams and RtI, Five yrs later  This presentation was given by Mr. Terry Ward and Mrs. Deborah McCullough.  The focus on this presentation was RTI data teams.

Using Decision Rules within an RtI Model   This presentation was given by the folks from the Burton Street Elementary School in Cazenovia, NY.  The presentors shared their decision making rules at the NYS RTI TAC Conference in Albany, NY.

Infrastructure Roadblocks Implementing RTI  Mr. Thomas Komp spoke about RTI road blocks in the principal role at the NYS RTI TAC Conference in Albany, NY.

RtI for ELL   Dr. Julie Esparza Brown, Dr. Amanda Sanford, Ms. Erin Lolich, and Ms. Maranda Turner spoke about RTI for ELL students at the NYS RTI TAC Conference in Albany, NY.

DIBELS Digging Deeper  Michelle Fitzsimmons and Debbie DePalma shared how they use their DIBELS data at the NYS RTI TAC Conference in Albany, NY.

Decision Rules at West Street Elementary June 2011  The West Street Elementary shared thier decision making rules at the NYS RTI TAC Conference in Albany, NY.

RtI Because It Is Right for Kids by Dr. McCook Nov 2010  The keynote presentation by Dr. McCook on November 15th, 2010.

RtI_Data Basics_November 15,2010  This presentation was given by Mr. Larry Hunt, Mr. Neal Capone and Mr. John Donegan.  The RtI Basics session covered the key elements of RtI, commonly used screening tools, and spoke about how to administer universal screening measures.

The Expanded Assessment Approach  This presentation was given by Mrs. Lori Deforest (Supervisor of Data Analysis Services) and Mr. Terry Ward (District Data Coordinator) during the November 15th RtI Day.  The Expanded Assessment Approach session was about different types of assessments that need to be in place for a comprehensive RtI program to exist.  Click here for the list of commonly used assessments in our region generated by participants.

Getting it Right at the Building Level  This presentation was given by the team at Burton Street Elementary.  Burton Street Elementary is part of the New York State's (NYS) Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for Response to Intervention (RTI) grant.  This presentation was given by Mrs. Marry-Ann MacIntosh (Building Principal), Mrs. Christine Tillman (School Psychologist), Mrs. Debbie McCullough (Literacy Coach) and Mr. Terry Ward (District Data Coordinator).

Dr. Eckert's Presentation  This presentation was given by Dr. Tanya Eckert from the New York State Technicial Assistance Center (NYSTAC) on November 15th.  Dr. Eckert spoke about the basics of Response to Intervention (RtI).

Dr. McCook Breakout Session 1 from November 15th  This presentation by Dr. McCook was made during our RtI day on November 15th.  This presentation focused on RtI in the High School. 

Dr. Hintze's Presentation at Open House  This presentation by Dr. Hintze was about Universal Screening, Progress Monitoring, and different types of assessment needed for an effective RtI program.

RtI Conference PowerPoint March 26, 2010  This was our PowerPoint at the RtI: A New Data World Conference on March 26, 2010.

Comprehensive RtI Planning Open House Presentation  This presentation is about RtI planning and implementation.  It also takes a look at RIC supported data tracking tools and RtI Tier 2 and 3 interventions.

Dr. John McCook's Presentation Syracuse, NY  Dr. John McCook, a longtime district administrator, consultant and RtI expert, delivers the leadership-level thinking and framework administrators need to lead and manage the process of building and maintaining an RtI model. Outlining the critical five steps to achieving a successful RtI model.

Applying Progress Monitoring to RtI Prevention and Identification   Douglas Fuchs and Lynn S. Fuchs presentation on Progress Monitoring

Principal's Role in RtI Implementation  This is a great resource for principals.  Dr. Ann Casey and Dr. Susan Risius presentation outlines all steps for a principal to take for a strong RtI program.

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